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Photo by Daniel Dietrich Photography

Spending time in nature with wildlife is a joy. I have always loved hiking and exploring wild places. These photographs are the result of countless hours in the wilderness, watching and capturing animal behavior. Every time I go out with my camera, I learn and see something new. I created this website as a way to share these experiences and images.

As a California Naturalist, parent and classroom volunteer, I am passionate about sharing the magic of our wilderness areas with children, both by bringing the wild into classrooms, and in getting our youth outdoors, to learn about their environment. I am proud to be a member of the Board of the Environmental Action Committee of West Marin, a member of the NANPA Ethics Committee and the Program Coordinator for Project Coyote's Keeping it Wild Youth Education and Outreach Program.  A frequent public speaker about coexistence with wildlife, my photography has been published in local and national media, in print and online.

To learn more about my photography, check out my Project Coyote  Notes from the Fieldblog interview with images.

You can also view my August 2020 webinar, Coexistence with Bobcats co-hosted by Project Coyote and the Rewilding Institute.

The ethics of wildlife photography is incredibly important to me - you can read a NANPA blog post that I co-wrote about choosing ethical photography workshops, here.

I hope you enjoy viewing the images on this website as much as I enjoyed taking them.

All images ©2019-2021 Sarah Killingsworth. All rights reserved. No use without written permission.

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